Samsara is a travel brand that makes smart luggage. When they partnered with Apple technology to incorporate the Apple AirTag in their latest range, they asked the Pangea team to create a disruptive digital campaign targeting the digital nomad. With the travel world opening up again, the timing was perfect, so we developed a gender-neutral visual world combining the warmth and wanderlust of travel juxtaposed with the tech-forward nature of the product. A suitcase built for people who want to work from anywhere. 

Our Role

Strategy, Creative Development, Production in partnership with The Brand Terminal Los Angeles (Our partner agency)

Our Brief

Get: The savvy, nomadic & the unorthodox

Who: Use technology as a way to unlock a better lifestyle

To: Buy their first Samsara

By: Reminding them that travel inspires an endless possibility

The Idea FIND MY ________

When an Apple user loses a valuable Apple phone, laptop, iPad or iWatch, they go straight to the Find My App, to locate its exact whereabouts. We designed Samsara’s launch campaign to tap into that same muscle memory and user behaviour, in order to be linked to Apple in a way that shows off one of our most powerful product benefits, without diluting our brand. In each execution, we showed what you’re able to find while traveling, when you’re not looking for your bag.