About us

After decades at the coalface, working in big agencies on brands big and small, we witnessed first hand the blind spots of the old agency model. Identifying which briefs, outputs or clients fell through the gaps.

So Pangea was born as an alternative approach to fill that void. Working as the special ops of marketing and advertising, we’re the people to call for projects that fall out of scope, skillset or capacity for your current AOR.

Offering unprecedented value, access to talent, and transparency, the likes of which you’ve probably never experienced before.

All resulting in better bang for your buck, better work and better working relationships.

Achieved through a project-based model with minimal FTEs, we’re capable of flexing up and down based on your project, and your needs.

To deliver marketing impact through access to world-class talent in creativity, strategy and execution.

In other words, Pangea is creativity without borders.
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