carsales is an iconic Australian brand that do much more than facilitating buyer-seller relationships. A key product campaign for 2021 was Instant Offer. A faster, easier way to sell your car, backed by the credibility of carsales.

Our Role

Strategy, creative ideation and development, management from research through to production

Our Brief

Get: Potential sellers of cars in Australia

Who: Are happy to compromise on selling price for speed, simplicity, safety and convenience

To: See carsales Instant Offer as a new and effective way to sell

By: Developing a creative idea that drives salience, education and persuasion of carsales Instant Offer


Our idea told the story of two very familiar characters, with very familiar points of view. A father, who loves the process of selling a car. From the telling of his car’s story, to meeting with people, haggling and getting the best price. Then, there’s his daughter, who just wants to sell her car without the hoo-ha. We built a charming story of the father/daughter relationship and how they both have ways of selling their car that’s right for them. The ‘Instant Offer’ product was the hero, and we focused on building an entertaining and relatable story that highlighted the value and ease of the Instant Offer proposition. The father, told the story from his perspective, reaffirming that the traditional private way of selling in his eyes, is still the best way to sell. By crafting a narrative through both perspectives we were able to highlight the benefits of both propositions and elevate the role of the carsales brand for different audiences. The final execution of the idea resulted in a story that drove awareness and education of the product, built brand equity for carsales and drove acquisition.


carsales experienced one of their most successful large campaigns in the last 7 years, with a spike in key product and business metrics that are directly attributed to the Instant Offer campaign. The campaign is currently back out in market for a second run.