We partnered with the amazing team at BIG4, Australia's biggest and best network of holiday parks, to create a new brand platform and creative campaign titled 'GO BIG!'.

Our inspiration came from the euphoric feeling you get when booking a holiday and a break from the daily grind. A feeling everyone can relate to – that when everyday life is leaving you uninspired or tired or stressed, one of the best remedies to break this mood is to create something to look forward to.

When we finally hit ‘book’ on a BIG4 holiday, we feel an instant lift. We start planning the details of our trip; activities with the kids, dinners by the fire, we prep the caravan…and we start vicariously living that holiday through our future selves.

We took this insight and turned it into the big campaign idea – ‘That GO BIG feeling starts the moment you book!

A series of 3x TVC's stood at the centre of this campaign, each targetting a different sub-segment of BIG4's diverse audience.

Digital, OOH, radio and social media assets were also developed and deployed to support the campaign.

Production: Magnetizer

Photography: Benny Capp Photography